NAUS CUE 2018-20-1

June 16, 2018

NAUS organised its maiden CUE and workshop on Prostate Biopsy after the formation of new
executive committee. During the event which was carried out in Nepal Mediciti, supported by National University Hospital Singapore, guest Lincoln Tan was the faculty. Following topics were discussed in the event in three sessions

1. Anatomy of the prostate revisited; implications for prostate biopsy – Dr Manish Pradhan
2. Imaging of prostate – Dr Ram Kumar Ghimire
3. PSA and indications for prostate biopsy – Dr Umesh Nepal
4. Role of antibiotics and prevention of sepsis in Prostate biopsy – Dr Mahesh Bdr Adhikari
5. TRUS guided biopsy : Current senario in Nepal – Dr Robin Joshi
6. Saturation biopsy /MR Fusion Biopsy/ Robotic Biopsy – Dr Lincoln Tan
7. TRUS guided biopsy of prostate- Processing and Interpretation – Pathologists Perspective – Dr Mamata Lakhey
Following the lectures the workshop was conducted with demonstration of TRUS guided biopsy. This CUE was credited with 5 points of NMA.

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