NAUS CUE 2018-20-3

September 4, 2018
As part of the NAUS CUE, a symposium was organized on Role of Nuclear Medicine in Urology on 4th September 2018. Nuclear Medicine Experts Dr. Sagar Maharjan and Dr. Sudhir Suman KC from Gamma Imaging Center, Kathmandu highlighted on different aspects of nuclear medicine in Urology.

Extensive case based discussions were held on the utility of isotope renogram. More than 50 participants joind the programme. The programme was also transmitted via facebook live which benefited many NAUS members and urologist outside Kathmandu. The programme was conducted by Board of Education (BoE) member Dr. Ghanshyam Sigdel and the case based interactive session was moderated by NAUS general secretary Dr. Pawan Raj Chalise.

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