Membership Categories:

  1. Full Member
  2. Associate Member
  3. International member
  4. Honorary Member


  1. Full Members: (Must fulfill all of the following criteria)
    1. Mastery in Surgery or equivalent
    2. Registered as specialist urologist in Nepal Medical Council (NMC)
    3. Must be Nepali Citizen

*Only full members will have voting right.

**Associate members who fulfill the criteria of full member will be upgraded to Full Member only after the written request from the member.

  1. Associate Member (Fulfill any of the following criteria, (e) is mandatory)
    1. MBBS graduates
    2. Post graduates in medical disciplines
    3. Urology Residents
    4. Paramedics and urology nurses
    5. Must be Nepali Citizen
  2. International member – Non Nepalese Urologist recognized by native medical council
  3. Honorary Member – As Per decision of Executive Committee

Membership fees:

-NRs 5000

-Cash / DD/Bank deposit


Account Name:                 Nepal Association of Urological Surgeons

Account Number:            0210017501593

Swift Code:         NARBNPKA


  1. Download the membership form from our NAUS website (Membership Form)
  2. Fill up, get it attested by a full members of NAUS, enclose the copies of Degree certificate as per the membership categories
  3. Please send the documents to chairman of Board of Registration and Selection (Dr Krishna Kaji Bhomi) along with Cash / DD / Bank deposit (NRs 5000)in favor of “Nepal Association of Urological Surgeons” to email-
  4. Your application will be put up for approval in the executive meeting. Once your application is approved in the meeting, we shall send you the membership details.

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